Monday, December 20, 2010

Camera bag and strap and haircuts

My new camera came with a   HUGE   bag made to hold several lens.  I decided to make one for it and a strap to match and I                                        Love, Love, Love how it turned out!

Bag with sparkle of course!

Camera strap also with sparkle!

Kila, age 7 before haircut....

Taela, age 9

Taela before haircut

We ADORE Kristen!

Finishing touches!

Kila after.

We love the new haircuts, thank you, Kristen!


  1. I'd like to believe you have learned how to take photos from watching me :))) You did great angles and closeups and I love the new camera output!! I also love the bags - you did a really great job. And cute pics of kristen hard at work : ))

  2. Of course I learned from you, Taryn! I hope to keep getting better. :) I love my new camera and the bag and strap I made are the icing on the cake!


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