Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm almost ready for spring.....

I say almost because once the gardening begins it is a never ending job and I'm not quite ready to give up my winter laziness yet.

It's January here in Colorado but I have some signs of spring! I need to clear out last years leaves poppies are starting to grow!

So is the catnip, I brought in some for the cats and of course they went crazy for it!

No, these are not in my garden, yet. I will have to wait a few more months for these. I was just needing some spring color so I bought these at the store.

I love daffodils.

Nothing says spring quite like they do :)

And I love the roses, too....

These are my favorite peonies from last summer....

I have heard the birds singing and new growth on some of my bushes, spring is around the corner and I can hardly wait!

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  1. thanks for the catnip : ) And I wish it was time for that green yard and flowers!


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