Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not so shabby chairs.....

My kitchen table chairs needed to be recovered badly......

The dark green suede had almost rubbed off...

The stains were downright embarrassing!

The new fabric had a pretty print and I liked the dark pink accents....

S.H. (Sweet Husband) went to work for me and stapled the new fabric to the chairs.

The finished project!

The problem is.....I don't really like them! :( I think it is because I really prefer light and shabby but I HAVE to do dark with such messy girly girls. Can't you just picture French words in vintage fabrics on these chairs? That is what I truly long for but one meal with my girls and they would be ruined! 

Any ideas on how I can "shabby chic" these chairs?

And oh yea, my S.H. said he is not going to do that again for a while.

I would love to hear from you!


  1. The fabric is very pretty and they look so much better! I have the same problem with little mess-makers ruining all my decorating dreams!

    Have you considered cute little ruffled slipcovers in a sturdy fabric that can be washed? You'd have the best of both worlds, practical and pretty!

  2. A smooth cream colored leather might work, and you could even stencil the French on it with the right kind of ink. It might be fun to personalize each seat with the names of family members in French, such as Bonappetit, Mademoiselle Kila.

    Or you could use caning. The supplies aren't very expensive, and it is flexible enough to staple onto a chair seat with a vinyl underlayment. Caning can also be weathered using flat latex paint, cut with a little water. Brush on and whipe off while still wet and the paint will settle in the crevices. Do coat the the cane in a latex varnish to protect to finish.


  3. Great ideas, ladies! Thaank you! I am brainstorming.....bought new fabric today, we will see what I can do with it :)

  4. I can't wait to see what you come up with.


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