Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shabby garden accessories and organizing the office

I found some shabby garden accessories that I can't wait to add to my front porch this spring.

You know I love the shabby turquoise/blue color!

I am going to paint one of my planters white to go in here.

This urn is the perfect color for me!

I will have to find a good spot for this iron fleur de lis fence.

And now time for my deep, dark secret.

I have been trying to switch my house over to shabby chic and vintage for the last three years.

Unfortunately, before that I went through a pink and brown phase and painted the walls in my office a chocolate brown.

I also painted my bedroom this color.

I want a light color again but....

I. Hate. To. Paint.

My office has been piling up with "stuff" and I really need to organize it.

Here is a before.

Another before.

I got this cute basket at The Barn from Melanie.  She has some awesome things, including some benches I am drooling over right now.

I stacked my fabrics in this basket so I could see what I have easier. They were in those bags that were in the corner.

I absolutely love this vintage Paris box, it is so my style and so cute.

Love it!

So this is where I am at so far. What did I do you say?

I know! It's still a wreck! I am just going to have to paint and take out all that pink and brown stuff.

I want to have my craft things where I can get to them easier but I can't stand having all this clutter!

I'll be working on this and post more "after" pictures when it is truly done.

What do you do with all of your crafting supplies?



  1. I am in the process of decluttering my house and reorganizing each room. It feels FABULOUS!!! Good luck with your office. The biggest thing that really helped me make progress is getting rid of stuff. So freeing!
    The green plant stand that you have could be painted to look similar to mine that you like. You could paint it a dark brown rust color, let it dry, and then paint it a creamy white. Once it dries, you could sandpaper some of the edges, etc. :)

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  3. Hey Shanon!

    I love your shabby chic fence. That's so so cute! I bet your front porch is just gorgeous when warm weather hits. I don't really have much of a front porch area. That was on the "wish list" because I love porch swings.
    I think we all experience the changing of styles. I've changed a lot of the ways I view my taste since I started blogging. Your box and wire bin are too cute! I like the direction you're going. You are lucky to have a craft room. Most of my things are in my workshop in the basement. It's a shabby room... minus the chic, haha! Good luck to you! I know it will be great! xo

  4. love the Paris box....u know..i hate to paint too and brown could still work if u r doing tarnished metals..whites and blacks......or even the blue that u love. lookn forward to see what u come up with......i will take that box off ur hands...ha ha. It matches my bedroom :)

  5. Shanon, love your vinatagey finds. You are the second person today who's posted something I really needed to hear about. I spent the morning in my craft room, trying to craft, and gave up and went into the garden. My room is too cluttered, it has partly undercoated walls, yukky grey carpet, and revolting mismatched desks and sewing cabinets. I've rearranged it so many times, and can't make it work. I hate painting too, but I have to do it. I hear you girl. Yours still looks way way better than mine.


  6. Okay, I went back into my craft room to try and fix it a bit. Looking at yours, I think the issue is similar to one of mine. I don't want everything too matchy matchy, but I need it to work together colour and texture wise. I like your crate, and wire basket. White wicker is great too. If you had more of these things, lined up on the shelves with nice labels, it would look great - but I think you already know that. Do you do any larger projects, and do you have more than one thing you're working on at at time? If so, how do you store them? Mine become clutter very quickly.


  7. Just wish I had a craft room. I have boxes stacked everywhere imaginable. Closets, garage, attic.
    I hate to paint too. Actually, I still like brown. Chocolate. What's not to love about that? Of course, change is always nice. Good luck!

  8. I didn't realize until today that you have a blog, so--I read the whole thing!
    I can see you do lots with glitter and glue--can you imagine my cats helping with that sort of project?
    Working with fabric is my thing--no glue involved. Several years ago at the WY quilt shop we had an invasion of brown and pink fabrics, they weren't awful, but not my kind of colors. "Chocolate" with the faded turquiose/blue became the next in thing.
    It will be interesting so see how you change out your work space. Any thoughts of making a quilt?

  9. I love the iron fencing! Keeping a craft room working and neat is a challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!

  10. Hello sweetie! I adore your garden accessories, I can't wait to find some garden stuff! Can I let you in on my secret. My craft stuff looks similar except it is strewn from my dining room to my garage. Piled in little drawers that are all jumbled together. I am lucky to find my glue gun half the time. Sweet talk that handsome guy of yours to help you with the painting. LOL, my husband HATES to paint. You can do it...think of the Shabby beauty when you are done. :)
    Squishy hugs,

  11. I try really hard to keep it contained under my counter at my shop in cute bins but honestly after a big project it is thrown under there in crazy style! I try though I tend to be messy it is organized chaos! Cute Paris box! Traci

  12. Love your beautiful urn Shanon...it's the perfect color for me too!!! ~Deb~


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