Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas card envelopes

Hello friends!

I went to Rue de Noel A Paris Street Market and found some mercury ornaments.
It was sooo busy in the shop I could barely move around.
I couldn't take photos, it was waaaaayyyy too busy.

I mailed my Christmas cards out today, check that one off the list. :)
I bought gold sparkle cards at Michaels and
used my Paris Eiffel Tower stamp on the front and added a Christmas bell in turquoise for a little color.

On the back I stamped my Paris Eiffel Tower again and added my carte postal stamp.
I overlapped the carte postal three times to have the desired layer effect.

I love the French Shabby Chic feel it has now instead of a plain envelope.

Happy Holidays!



  1. Hi Shanon, lovely ornaments from a beautiful store. I did about 98% of my shopping but I only shop for a few people :0 still lots to do. xo

  2. Clever way to do the Christmas cards! Very pretty ornaments!

  3. Tre ~Chic and pretty too' Love it all
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Lucky recipients! I'd love getting mail like that!

  5. Cute ornaments! love them!

  6. So darn cute!
    My sister and I just got my mom a pretty little heart mecury glass ornament. So pretty! Your handmade cards are so adorable too!
    Have a lovely day!

  7. What great cards love the MG ornament my fav...

  8. It's been a while since I've been able to get around all the blogs. Sorry! This is the craziest time of year for me.

    I know all your family and friends must love getting their handmade cards. Every year we get one from a lady in Germany. Sometimes she does machine embroider and other times she uses stamps or stickers. It's excitig each time we get her envelop because there will always be a special treat inside to enjoy.

    I bet your family and friends will think that too.

    And since you've got something marked off your to do list, will you please come to my house to help with my mile long list of to do things? No? I didn't think so! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season.

  9. I had a booth at the Flea Market....we were upstairs! I hope you have a fabulous Christmas. Valarie

  10. Hello,
    Love your creative embellishments to your envelopes! Very clever! I have enjoyed strolling through your blog - love the candle and the white pitcher in your tablesetting! So glad I stopped by and am now your newest follower!

  11. Hi Shanon!

    How are you? Just dropping in to see how you've been! I'm sure you are busy for the holidays, but thought I'd stop by to say "hello!" Those cards are just beautiful! Here's wishing you and your family a most blessed & beautiful Christmas!


  12. Like the way you use it..I appreciate you share it.Gift Card envelopes.


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