Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pink Love......

Happy Pink Saturday! 

I bought a white ironstone sugar bowl a few months ago at The Barn in Colorado.
Love that place.
I've had visions of my peonies and roses in this ironstone.
These pink carnations will do for now, I did a couple of vignettes with this, which is your favorite?

Here is the second vignette.

Target has a new line of Cabbages and Roses duvet covers by Rachel Ashwell and her Simply Shabby Chic line.
I'm in love.
They have it in pale turquoise or white.
Decisions, decisions :)
I went with the blue and will be soon returning for the white.
Tausha from Simply Me is where I first spotted this line, go and check her out, her home is amazing, Shabby Chic all the way!

Reversible,  I love both sides!

I have never shown my bedroom before because it needs a MAJOR redo. I'm hoping these are some "before" photos. My plan is to paint the walls a creamy white, sell this oversized furniture, and pretty much just start over. One room at a time though. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I love these colors. Visiting from The Patchwork Ark and Warm Heart Bears for Pink Saturday!

  2. Love both vignettes but I think I like the first one the best. Just saw the new Shabby Chic duvets at Target 2 days ago and wanted to buy all 3 of them but I don't think Hubby will go for it but I am definitely buying the white set for our room, it's gorgeous!!!

  3. I like the first vignette best and the carnations are just perfect. Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Carnations are so beautiful and I love their fragrance! Both vignettes are well put together and lovely! Rachel's line at Target is really nice...I have some of the sheets and love them! Have a wonderful weekend Shannon!

  5. Each photo is lovelier than the next! Such beautiful bedding, too, so feminine. xo

  6. Beautiful photos Shanon!! I love that ironstone piece, and it looks just gorgeous with the carnations in it!
    Love your duvet too, the colors are fabulous.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  7. Such a cute duvet! And I love your vignettes with the white, pink, and the wire pieces. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  8. Enjoyed seeing your home and seeing things that bring you pleasure,. Colorado has so much beauty to offer.

  9. I love your white ironstone piece. I just bought some mini pink and white carnations also and put them here and there. Love fresh flowers...

    I actually like both of your vignettes but I really like the first one because of the little wire cloche with the message on it.

    Hope your day is as beautiful as your flowers.

  10. Hi~~ I love your vignettes. So pretty. I think fresh flowers make all the difference in the world. They add so much beauty and life to vignettes. I love the new Shabby Chic at Target. I will have to check it out.
    Happy Weekend to you

  11. Love it all ,I could move right in so pretty
    Love the white ironstone too
    Gorgeous pic's

  12. Lovin your prettiful finds! so sweet and homey!

  13. Hi! Shanon
    Had to pop over and see your lovely photos!
    I love Rachel Ashwell! I can't resist... every time a new duvet set comes out I've got to have it. I am running out of places to store them. I always have two or three that coordinate on my bed at any given time. Yummy! You can't go wrong by painting your bedroom creamy white. It will be beautiful and will "go" with anything.
    Happy PINK Saturday!!
    Hope you will come see me!

  14. I am thinking that your sweet white sugar bowl looks great with the carnations and will look just as lovely with loves of other style of flowers as well. Lovely post. Diane

  15. They are both so sweet and pretty. I love pink carnations cause my momma loved them. Very pretty!!

  16. Your PINK is very pretty!
    thanks for sharing...and HAppy PINk SatURday!

    ciao bella.
    Creative Carmelina

  17. Those new target duvets are so beautiful--I love the blue. It is not the right color for my blue bedroom but I sure want them anyway. I'm going to go look at them now. They keep calling my name everytime I see a new blogger with them:)

  18. Gorgeous! Love your pink vignettes! Hope you will visit Magnolia Cottage. Happy Pink Saturday!


  19. Hi ...My favourite pic , well they are all great , The forth pic is my fav...Blessings Lori.............I just posted a new album hope you can visit!!!

  20. Wow your blog is beautiful & your photos are amazing! I'm so glad I found your blog♥ I'm following you via Linky now & I'd love it if you dropped by my blog and joined me! xo~S

  21. Love the carnations in the bowl. Beautiful photos.

  22. Such a beautiful piece of ironstone Shanon! The first vignette is more my style, I really, really want that wire cloche! I am so in the same boat with our bedroom, it is laundry central way too often and is the only room still with the original paint. But like you I have been working on other rooms and we'll get to the bedroom eventually! I just found some cute white ruffled drapes from Target which I hung, they will look a whole lot better once I've painted the walls and furniture...

  23. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Shannon. I am so glad you joined us, and I hope you will continue.

    Each of your photos is gorgeous. I love them all. And, the Rachel Ashwell set is fabulous. You'll have to show us as your bedroom evolves. We've been living here over 21 years, and my husband says I'm always "evolving" something.

  24. Happy Pink Saturday Shannon Sweetie...
    I am so happy that you decided to join us for Pink Saturday.
    You had some really beautiful shares today. I love the first
    vignette the best, they are both gorgeous, but that first one
    took my little heart and made it go pitter patter. Especially
    that little wire cloche. Priceless. Where on earth did you find it?

    Love those cabbage roses and I will be stopping by Target today.
    I can't wait. Such a beautiful coverlet and shams. Love the blue
    but I bet that white says SUMMER all over it.

    I love your bedroom furniture. I can't wait to see what you replace it
    with. If you want that cottage look, have you considered just painting
    the furniture? It really has great cottage structure.

    I am your newest follower, and I can't wait to see what you share next.
    Have a glorious weekend dear friend. Country hugs, Sherry

  25. Hi Shanon,

    Your vignettes are just beautiful - those pink blooms are perfect! And thanks for the heads up on the new line of RA duvet covers @Target!!! They are beautiful! And thank you for taking us on a sneak peek of your bedroom. I know how you feel about wanting to redo room at a time though - that's how I have to approach it (because it's the more practical & realistic way)! :) Happy Sunday to you!!!


  26. Both vignettes are pretty, but I like the first one. The light and dark makes everything pop out. I love the Shabby Chic line from Target too. In fact, I got a comforter for my birthday, but need to exchange it because it has a few defects, but still it is very beautiful. I haven't seen the duvets you have, but I adore all those prints. If I could justify "needing" more, I'd probably buy more in her line, but there is only so many places to put things when you're the only one in the house who really likes the shabby chic style.

    Your home is so pretty that I can't wait to see what you do with your bedroom! Thanks for visiting my blog last week!

  27. LOVE the new bedding too!! xo Rachel

  28. I love the bedding too - but want the white since it is so close to the blue from her old collection. I love all the photos, but especially ones where the flowers are close-up. Love all the colors in the photos!!

  29. Both of your little vignettes are so pretty! Love that ironstone sugar bowl!
    & your new shabby chic bedding! SO LOVE!

  30. such pretty vignettes, shanon! LOVE the shirring on your new bedding--i couldn't make my mind up on the white or blue-both are so pretty:)

  31. Beautiful photography! Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane (I am #21)

  32. Shanon everything looks really beautiful!!! I happen to love carnations and they look wonderful with the ironstone!

    The Barn is a fabulous place, I try and go there every time I visit my friends in the Denver area!!


    :) T

  33. Hello Shanon! It's so nice to 'meet' you! Thanks so much for your recent visit from Feathered Nest Friday. You've got a great blog here. I love these vignette photos in your post. I can totally relate about a bedroom re-do. The walls on our previous condo's master bedroom were the same color brown as yours (per the hubby's request). It's sometime hard to get him on board with whites.
    One room at a time...
    I love your new shabby chic duvet cover - so pretty! I'll be following.
    Take care,

  34. Shanon it all looks so springy love it! I had to go back a few posts and look at your gorgeous angel wings! At the show this week everyone wanted us to make some wings so I'm working on some. Won't be as pretty as yours! Have a great night! Traci

  35. Your second composition gets my vote. Funny, I don't do 'pink' but have used a deep rose color in my quilts.
    I wouldn't part with our king-size bed, but the huge lodgepole frame that was so 'right' in our log house looks silly in this little cottage.

  36. Oh wow...I love them both but the second one wins out for me!!! Love your new bedding too,wish we had Target here,coming to TORONTO soon I hear!! x0

  37. I just saw that comforter set at Target and I almost died right there in the aisle! It's so pretty and I thought it would be perfect for Summer (I have a Shabby Chic white set right now). My bedroom furniture is really dark and heavy so I know what you mean about starting over. I thought about painting mine white but it seems like a lot of work!
    Have a fabulous day!

  38. I love ironstone also, may have to drag mine down from the bathroom & pop some peonies in it come spring. You've inspired me. :) Even with the short winter spring can't come soon enough.

  39. kinda hard to choose....all that ironstone makes everything look great!
    Those pink carnations are sooo pretty & so is your new duvet!
    Would you ever paint that bed?...we use HD paint & primer in one so well!
    ..Can't wait to see your walls a different colour!

  40. So pretty! One of the things that I miss living in France is Target! I really love Rachel Ashwell's line for them....they were my favorite sheets....aside from my vintage French ones.....and perfect in the summer!!!!

  41. Such inspiring beauty, Love the ironstone I am a big fan as so many others are as well.

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    I wish this big rumor would clear up, spread the word.

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    Lots of love and inspiration have a beautiful weekend.

  42. beautiful! love those pink flowers and the bedding:)


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