Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flowering crab apple and new candles

Hello friends!
I thought I would share my flowering crab apple with you today.
It smells 
I wish you could could smell it's sweet scent.

I love how the petals have pale pink on them before they open up.

Here it is in full bloom, the warm breezes blowing to the patio and perfuming the air with it's sweetness.

I found two candles at Bath and Body Works.
When I saw the French labels I was so excited.

They both have a spring scent, perfect for this time of the year.

I love these chippy nesting tables, they have come by it naturally, I have left them out for a year.

The turquoise pitcher my sister gave to me, she got it at Ross!

This little deck is off of our master bedroom.
As you can see it needs to be stained again.
Or.....should I paint it white?
I just can't decide! I want to do some flowers out here this year.

Here is the little deck from below.
The house is a creamy white stucco and the trim is white.
I'm thinking of just matching it to the trim.

What do you think?
I would love to hear your responses.


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  1. Now I am going to have to go to Bath & Body Works and get a few French candles of my own! And then maybe to Ross as well!


  2. Love your little Juliette balcony!

    Yes, I would paint it to lighten it up.

    Your crabapple is gorgeous, one of the prettiest in full bloom, imho.

  3. Oh yes love the blooms and those candles are so cute! I bet the smell yummy too!
    Nice little deck! Yes I think I would paint it white :]

  4. Hi Shanon,
    You crabapple is beautiful, and I love your pics :-) I want a Juliette balcony (the name just does me in, pure romance)! The nesting tables are sooo cute!! Thanks for stopping by, I am happily following you back:-)

  5. The nesting table are really great! I love the blooms on the tree and i'm going to try and find some of those candles!

  6. Such pretty pictures! I love the little balcony. I think white or maybe even black would be pretty. I'm sure you would make it pretty no matter what color it is!

  7. What a lovely back yard, Shanon. I think if the little deck is whit the tables on there won't be seen as well. Maybe grey? I painted cedar shakes on my old house a dark grey and it looked pretty good. xo

  8. What a fun post--I love all the flowering trees this time of year, too. I like the suggestion above--to paint the balcony gray. It would provide some contrast, but blend a bit better with the house. Either way, it's adorable!

  9. Oh my goodness...I think that 3rd picture could be enlarged and framed!
    Your bedroom patio is such a delight I say paint it white soft soft grey OR Benjamin Moore Icing On The Cake!
    Sounds crazy...nono..it will tie in your pool all your patio blues And the sky!
    It is the softest colour and anything we paint that colour is gone so fast!
    Can't wait to see what you decide!
    Benjamin Moore™ 2049-70 Icing On The Cake


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