Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden flowers in May.....

Hello Friends!

I have been sooo busy lately!
End of school field trips, "graduation" for my 5th grader, appointments, you name it!
Lots of gardening......
get ready for photo overload.

I thought I would share with you what is flowering in my gardens in the month of May.


This is from the same plant. I love how some of them are pink with yellow centers and then some are pink  with pink and yellow centers. Do you see the difference? These are my favorite.

Clematis in the front yard.

More peonies. This bunch comes up to my chest! They are huge.

These are also located in the front yard.
Their perfume permeates the whole front walkway and porch.

Tree peony, also in the front.

Oriental poppies.

I planted two climbing roses last year and I am so happy they are flowering and growing. They are about 5 feet tall already!
They are looped around this chippy arbor my husband surprised me with 2 years ago for our anniversary.
So sweet :)

Not sure what this is but it has spread through my whole back garden. I am happy about that.

Purple clematis in back yard.

Another clematis in back yard.

This is my favorite rose.
It has made it through the gale force winds we have been having here in Colorado.
It has been beaten and harassed but will soon open to be beautiful.
It starts out this pale apricot/pink color and once it opens fully it will be a creamy white. smells AMAZING!

New white peony.

English lavender.



Pink roses.

Birdhouse planter I made last year.
I added new annuals to it this year and it is a great spot of color on my patio.

Corner of the patio, I will be showing the whole thing soon!

Yellow and pink rose.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my gardens in May.
I have no idea of the name of so many of them.
Fourteen years ago when I had this house built there was just dirt,
I didn't know what an annual or perennial was.
By trial and error my gardens are now so enjoyable.
People walk by and ask me all the time what is this flower or why won't there flowers grow or just to tell me they enjoy walking by and seeing my yard.
It is so fun to have others enjoying it as well!
(Wow I just said 4 versions of "enjoy"!)   :)



  1. Wow! I love every single one of these. I wish I could take them all and just plop them into my yard. I don't think I've ever seen peonies that were variegated like those first pretty!

  2. I want to come live in your backyard! First the Lilacs and now all of these. I love Peonies and how fun that you get to cut those and bring them inside!

  3. I had peonies, clematis and roses in my old yard that I am missing terribly...these made me smile!


  4. So many beautiful blooms. Your yard is adorable. Love that first shot.

  5. Your flowers are all so beautiful. Love the corner of the patio too.

  6. Lovely garden Shanon! Your unidentified flower appears to be a bachelor's button; one of my favourites!

  7. Lovely! Both the flowers and the photos are wonderful. The fringy lavender flower might be a form of centaurea--does the base of the flower have over-lapping scaly looking formations?

  8. Your gardens look lovely! I believe that flower you don't know what it is is a Knapweed. It has taken over my garden and choked out some of my roses. I dig out as many as I can. I hope it doesn't take over too bad in your beautiful garden!

  9. Are the leaves of the fringy flower slightly furry?

  10. A wonderful representation of what May is all about in the garden... lovely photos! Larry

  11. All my favorite flowers in one post - Yeah! I love peonies but somehow it never fails we have wind & rain as soon as they bloom and then they are done. I especially love your yellow tree peony, do you know the name of it? I looking to add an elusive yellow to my yard. The clematis are striking as well as the roses too. I loved this peek into May in your garden.

  12. beautiful!!! it all looks so pretty!

  13. Your yard is gorgeous, Shanon. You have a green thumb, that is obvious. And a love for gardening. I wish I could hire you! lol xo

  14. Shannon - i love seeing your gardens! Your Weigela color is so stunning! thanks so much for linking up to the garden party over here! I'm excited to see your roses and peonies ~ still waiting for the 'explosion' to happen up here in Washington State, but seeing yours gave me a little sneak peek & makes me more excited! xoxo, tracie

  15. Absolutely gorgeous Shanon!!! Your peonies are simply stunning, I can't wait to see more!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  16. Love your Peonies! all your flowers are so pretty!;)

  17. What a beautiful yard you have. All the gorgous flowers blooming! We are way behind you in the season. My iris and other spring flowers are just now starting to bloom. I have the same birdhouse you have in your planter. Great idea to use it like that! Have a fun weekend.

  18. Peonies are some of my favorite flowers, though we only have two in our garden now. It's a shame they only stay in bloom for such a short time, but I guess that gives us more time to enjoy the other flowers in our gardens. Looks like your garden is just wonderful, so thanks for sharing it with us. Hope you're having a great weekend!


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