Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger

Hello friends!!

I am so excited to tell you that I have been featured today over at 

If you don't know Kris you must go check her out.
Her home is amazing, she and her husband repurpose shabby junk and make it gorgeous. She also has amazing gardens and flowers for the spring and summer.

Thank you so much, Kris!



  1. Ti ho scoperta proprio da june chic chalet!Complimenti al tuo bellissimo blog!Rosetta

  2. Congrats on the feature. I adore Kris! xoDiana

  3. Great feature Shanon! Your girls are adorable and I just love your patio and garden. Now you've got me dreaming of spring. And I love that you're such a friend to the birds. :)

  4. Wonderful post Sharon. Love your kitchen island.


  5. Oh Shanon, now wonderful to be featured. I'm so happy for you! Have a fabulous day, Julie

  6. Hi Sharon, what à beautiful place to be featured at, I just adore Kris, I will be sure to drop by over her place to get to know you that much more.
    Love your garden setting, romantically rustic.


  7. I loved your feature at Kris'!!!! I am so in love with your garden and to meet someone who loves it as much as I do. I am so crushin' on your patio space my dear!!!! Soon we will be in the middle of the gardening season and coming in from a day in the spring garden covered in dirt and won't it be awesome?!
    sending hugs...

  8. Shannon - your posts are so inspiring. Your garden is amazing and I love to watch how you pull natural clippings from it to decorate indoors.

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