Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Back Patio 2013

Hello friends!

We finally have summer here in Colorado.

I wanted to share my back patio this year with you.

The Peonies are in full bloom and I am so excited as they are my favorite flower.

Breakfast on the patio on a warm summer morning is the best.

Get ready for picture overload!

The pots are all in full bloom, too.

Birdhouse planter.

Faux grain sack chair covers I made.

We are in a severe drought this year and only able to water our yards two times a week. Usually my grass is lush and green but not so this year. :(

I love my birds so the feeders are a must. They get refilled morning and night. Live mealy worms always go first.

My sweet husband brought all of the vintage chairs you see home as gifts. He is the sweetest!

Vintage tea towel from Provence. I love Tracey's shop French Larkspur.

My husband painted our juliette balcony off our bedroom for me. I added the planters and garden sign. It makes me so happy to see white instead of worn redwood color here.

My husband has also dragged home these spools for me. Three total! Not my favorite but he loves them and wanted me to paint them so here they are.

I hope you enjoyed my patio tour!


Remembering with a heavy heart the two lives lost in the Black Forest Fire and the homes, 483 as of today. So thankful for our firefighters working around the clock to put it out. 

Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers today.


  1. Shannon,
    Your patio is so beautiful. I want to come and sit there and have some ice tea with you. I love the grain sack chairs. Those are super adorable. Those fires out there are terrible. With being married to a firefighter they have a tough job with fighting those kind of fires. Prayers go out to all of those having to deal with this.

  2. So...pretty and cheerful!!!!!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Cheryl

  3. More of that beautiful yard of yours, as for that balcony I love it. I am sure it's a sweet place to come out on and gaze over all your accomplishments. What a entertains yard to fall in love with. I so need to get out in my yard and get some things done around here.

    Thank you Shanon for taking the time on Father's Day to visit me and your compliments always, always encourage my art and joy my days.
    Happy Father's Day to yours.


  4. Sending prayers to those affected by the horrible fires. HFD to your husband. Your patio looks beautiful! I especially love your juliet deck. So pretty and the white just makes it more special. xo

  5. Your patio looks amazing. I love that morning sun. All your flowers and everything looks so pretty. Now I am having a craving for strawberries. Pretty post!

  6. I adore your space so so much. Thanks for sharing..

  7. Shanon it is just plain lovely....makes me wish I had at least a little outdoor space...I would never leave if that were mine!! xo

  8. Your patio looks great, Shannon! It looks like a great place to sit and I see you have some shade. We had a nice long patio at our old house, but it was in full sun. Although, the two years before we moved a tree finally grew tall enough to give us some afternoon reprieve from the sun. Your flowers are looking good. Love the geranium pots.

  9. Oh my gosh Shannon, your yard is beautiful! Did you get to Old Glory this weekend? I didn't make it (again... sigh:-( Maybe next year.


  10. your garden is gorgeous, shanon, and i'm in love with that cute bacony:) have a great week!

  11. That looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book! So welcoming!

  12. I wish I was there right now sitting in a patio chair enjoying the beautiful scene in person Shanon! I loved every beautiful photo!

  13. Hi.........Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway hosted by Koralee of "Bluebird Notes" Blog for a gift certificate to my new Etsy Shop named: Daisy Pink Wish .....if you have time please check it out....we would love to see you enter :)

  14. Wow! You really know how to make your back patio beautiful, Shannon. I am fascinated with the area! Flowers are everywhere! And you can find a lot of interesting vintage things too. Your patio proves your love toward vintage items. The antique milk jug caught my eye, by the way. May I ask where did you get it?

    Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad

  15. Oh Shanon, what a gorgeous back patio you have! All of your potted florals and greenery are such a cheerful addition to your serene, white house. I love that white balcony, too! So generous of your hubby to paint it for you, and to bring home cool vintage chairs. Awwww...what a guy, and what a talent you have!

  16. Oh my what a lovely blog! And what a cheerful, inspiring, welcoming post. I love your world.

  17. are one of the winners of the Feathered Nest Giveaway!!! Congratulations to you! xxoo, tracie

  18. Hi sweet Shanon, I see Tracie has contacted you about winning one of the lavender sachets I made!!! Please email me your mailing address to: ~ thanks so much for entering and I hope you love your sachet! xxoo, Dawn (The Feathered Nest)

  19. gorgeous patio! inspired me a lot !
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  20. I LOVE all your decor along with those spools!! They are beatiful...especially painted in that turquoise color. You are a blessed woman. :)

  21. Love all your decorating. You have so many special touches. I've been reading all your posts. Love your blog so zi e added you to my favorite blog list! Come visit me sometimes. I've just started back blogging.


  22. Lovely patio! That green is to die for! LOVE it! You have such a way of putting things together! Traci

  23. Hey Shannon where are you? I miss your posts. Hope all is well. Come back to blog land!!!!

  24. Shanon! I really ADORE you garden! Come over and do mine next spring!!! I don't know how you can keep up with all that beauty....I still growing mine! :) Anyway, wishing you a fabulous autumn season my friend! I finally posted a blog post today (miracle, I know!). Hopefully it won't take as long to post another one! :)

    Have a great evening!



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