Sunday, January 30, 2011

A fun day in the mountains

We have some land in the Colorado mountains that we are hoping to build a cabin on. Right now we have a camper on it.

Pikes Peak looking through Garden of the Gods.

Views on the drive up. This is Wilkerson's Pass.

The back of Pikes Peak from our land.

My sweet husband swinging with the girls. They love these swings he made for them.

Taela, age 9.

Kila, age 7.

Views from the land.

Fort the girls made with their dad. Very rustic!


Walking back after throwing stuff in the pond. This is a private pond for the members of the community. We fish in here during the summer, it is stocked with trout.

Hopefully at some point I can show pictures of the cabin being built, it will be a while though, we are in the begining stages still.
It is so fun to get away for a weekend and just relax (no house to clean, sweet husband makes most of the meals!).
Have a great day!


  1. That's a beautiful place. What a fantastic area for the girls to grow up. It will be exciting hearing your story about building, and like you said, in the meantime, you have a place to camp and get away from it all.

    Lisa x

    P.S. Your girls are gorgeuous.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, of the girls and the views! I love them so much - what a treat to see what you were up to this weekend. Your land is such an amazing getaway! just stunning. God's country for sure! How nice that Michael cooks! You are both very good in the kitchen.

  3. Love your blog!:) thanks for the nice comments on mine today~ We miss colorado alot~We used to live in colorado springs and our sons loved visiting the garden of the gods. Im your newest follower! Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  4. What a wonderful family you have ! This place seems magical.I wish full success in building this cabin !


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