Friday, February 4, 2011

My birds

Usually I have a lot of birds in my backyard.
I love to watch them and have since I was a child. Robins have always been one of my favorites.

I do enjoy the house finches, also.

Female house finch.

The dreaded starling in his winter feathers. They swoop in and eat everything while the little birds have to watch.


Finches waiting to eat.

Mountain chickadee.

Flicker. Some find him a nuisance but I like him.

But one morning I came down and no birds! Not a one! No squirrels, either. No bunnies. I wondered where everyone was.

A blurry form in the Aspen trees gave it away.

A hawk! How fun! I have always loved them, too. In this picture he is looking right at me.

Scouting my yard for fun treats...
I had my house built 13 years ago and the trees are finally getting big enough to hold larger animals. We also have fox and coyotes that run through. Last summer the neighbors had a bear (2 sightings) and a mountain lion in their backyard! I live in the suburbs of Colorado Springs so not something I would ever have expected to see!

I am dreaming of spring, my desolate backyard is calling me. My flowers remain dormant, although I am already looking for them to start growing. It will be another month before I see this. Spring to me is a new awakening, I can barely wait! What does spring mean to you?


  1. Here near the bay, it's the sea gulls in winter. Storms drive them inland, and their plaintive cries take me back to memories of the seashore as a child. Behind our house is a tree favored by a murder of crows. They gather in large numbers to produce quite a noise. lol I wish I knew more about the birds in my area.

    I really enjoyed your pictures, but it was your kindness that impressed me more. No wonder your yard is so full of birds, they certainly know where to come for their dinner.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. Love the birds. We get lots of corella's around this time of the year. I love listening to them chattering. We have a family of blue wrens who love looking at themselves in the car mirrors. Of course loads of sparrows (we have chooks and a pretty blue bird feeder so they come in for all the seed) Out our kitchen window we have wattle birds in our bottle brush tree. Our chooks flatten themselves and run for cover when hawkes fly over

    Bears and mountain lions? Glad we don't have them. But we do deal with deadly snakes.

    Love flicker, cute.

    Lisa x

  3. Shanies! You are a bird 'rainman' - it's so fun to read your post! How did you learn so much about birds? Did it start with that birdbook we have at home? I loved all your pictures and commentary!


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