Sunday, February 6, 2011

A snowy day in Colorado

Finally! We have a snowy day here in Colorado Springs. It has been a very dry winter.

I finally found a spot for this shabby chic bird feeder...

My front porch awaits me....this is where I love to drink my morning coffee in the spring. It gets too hot here in the summer.

Snowing! Kila, my 7 year old and I have ventured outside to start the shoveling.

Looking down my street. I scared my neighbor, he had zipped out in his jammies to get the paper. No pictures of him, I didn't think he would like that. :)

Kila. She wanted my big shovel but I told her this one was more her size. She wasn't really buying it.

Looking up the sidewalk on the south side of my house. See the Robin's nest from last summer? I so want to take it our and bring it in but I am afraid of dormant yucky BUGS being in it.

This is on the west side of my house. Luckily we back up to this bike path and then our neighborhood pool. We love it!

My chippy white shabby chic arbor! I love it! I have big plans for a climbing pink rose for it this spring. My husband surprised me with it last August for our anniversary. Purchased at The Barn in Castle Rock, CO of course! My favorite shopping outages!

Kila, just following me around. Taela is still sleeping.

A little later, the girls got bundled up and headed out for some sledding and romping in the snow.

Sorry for the window glare. I took a bunch of these from the comfort of my couch :) I know it doesn't make for the greatest of pictures, but you get the idea, right! Talk about lazy!
Have a great day! Next on the agenda is cupcakes and appetizers for the big game later today! I'm sure pictures will follow!



  1. Beautiful pictures. Glad you have some snow. I see a lot of people are really over it. Enjoy.

    Lisa x

  2. I can just feel the chill! I wish I was there to share coffee and watch the kids - and to bundle up! how fun!!! I love your street too - those quiet snow days, I miss those so much - almost as much as I miss all of you!!

  3. The snow seems so romantic the way you and Casey describe it. The cold days, coffee and happy memories. However, I am a California BABY! I only spent one winter of my life in snow. I will never forget waking to a strange blue light at dawn. I got up to snow falling, and I could not believe how beautiful it was. Two feet overnight, and it was magic from the back deck, high in the mountains, with all the trees covered in snow. Until - I was told we had to dig out the driveway. Fours hours and one heck of a backache later, the snowplow arrived to fill in half the driveway that we had just cleared. With only a wood stove (which I thought was fabulous when we first moved in) I spent half my time chopping kindling and stacking wood, and the other half walking the mile out to the main highway so the kids could take the school bus, and trudge home in the cold all by myself. For weeks I trudged and chopped, shoveled and complained, and finally moved back to the Bay Area where all I had to contend with was fog. Pretty, but not for me. lol

  4. it snowed even more today here (chicago)! we have so much snow now...a little too much ;)
    p.s. i am following you, but it is not showing up for some reason in your followers section...hmmm?

  5. Glad you were able to have fun with the snow today! I worked at the Barn today and it was REALLY slow! I ended up buying from everyone else (as usual!)

  6. What a wonderland! Gorgeous photos.


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