Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall flowers and Fall days......

Mums mean fall flowers to me.
I have rust colored, maroon and yellow around the yard.
I thought I would add these pink ones but I am enjoying them in the pots for now.

They aren't quite open all the way.

Soon I will have to plant them if I want them to come back next year but I am just enjoying them on the porch for now.

Fall days means going to the mountains. We have some land there and a fishing pond is in the community.
I love this picture of Taela.
Usually she is the sweetest girl, on this day she was very mad that her sister used her favorite fishing pole and was really pouting.
(Exactly like me when I was younger when I didn't get my way!)
I can only laugh when I see this picture because it makes me think I will be seeing this look in the years to come when she is a teenager!
She had stitches in her chin and an abrasion after falling while skating down the sidewalk she hit an uneven part. Her chin seemed to be the only thing that hit.

I love, love, love this picture of my sweet husband helping my daughter with her fishing pole.

And since I love the birds, I've included this photo as well. A little Bluebird resting on a post.
She was busy catching bugs and didn't seem to mind that I was nearby.

Some more fall photos coming soon, the leaves are just starting to turn. I love this time of the year.


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  1. So glad you linked up to the new Outdoor Fall Decor party! Those mum's are HUGE...i'm in awe of them! & i see a peek of your gorgeous front porch - what a lovely place you get to sit and hang out in! xoxo, tracie

  2. Hi Shanon!

    Your fall blooms are beautiful! And the pictures of your lovely family are priceless! And the front of your home is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing! :)


  3. Oh your pink mums are gorgeous. They look so pretty in pots, and will be beautful next year in the garden. I have one thats not planted in the ground as I have it in my wheel barrow, but will plant it before frost. I always look forward to Indian summer here in NE.
    What a neat fishing hole. My daughter and her boyfriend would love it. And that little one could be my daughters twin years apart, right down to the scuffed chin.
    Enjoy your mum

  4. Your mums are so lovely, and that photo of your daughter is precious. I love the bluebird one, too. Happy Fall to you. xo,

  5. Beautiful Photos, your daughter is beautiful !!! and the flowers are such a beautiful color... Thank you so much !!! Have a great day !

  6. Hi. I can relate to your daughter's pics . . . having two daughters 20 months apart. Enjoy it all!
    You have a lovely family! Love your pink flowers too!
    ~ Julie

  7. Thanks for your sweet words Shanon...exciting time for me!
    I love the bluebird photo...I love anything with birds. It's beautiful.

  8. Hi there! Love your mums, I can't seem to get enough of mums either...and I have found they grow back really well the next year in fact I have had to trim them back or else they get really tall at my house. I like them bushy and full of blooms! Yours really are gorgeous!

  9. Gorgeous mums! I have yellow ones in the front yard right now but my favorites have to be the reds!


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