Monday, September 19, 2011

Water Closet Room Redo

Finally! I have started the long painting process for my home.
I started with the smallest room, the toilet area of the master bath.

Here is a sneak peek.....

And now, for the dreaded "before" photos.
Four years ago I went through a pink and brown phase.
My office, the master bedroom and this room all got painted with this very dark brown.
I can only say that I wanted something cozy, it is sunny ALL THE TIME here in Colorado and being from Vermont I was sick of the brightness of it all.
I'm over it, I want my light colored house back!

I even decided to paint the cabinet, very daring for me. I am always thinking if we ever decide to move I may have just brought our resale value way down. Oh well! I love it here and never want to move!

And now on to the "after" photos. Because this room does not have a window I found it very challenging to show the true colors I used.
I wanted very pale gray for the walls and white for the cabinet.

I love, love, love how this turned out!
I can't wait to decorate it, you know, fluff it up some! Dry paint, dry!
I have a chippy, white board that I would like to paint a word on, any ideas? I would love it to be in French.

I need to repaint the ceiling, the brown had really seeped into the white and I had to cover it up.
It didn't work as you can see so back to Home Depot for some ceiling paint.

I painted the cabinet white and then added some of the gray and distressed it a bit.

I put these on magazines to raise them up but from this angle they still look sunken.
I am going to have to touch up the cabinet a bit because the sand paper took off more paint then I wanted.
TOTALLY the sand papers fault, it wasn't because the paint wasn't dry yet. :)

I even painted and distressed my mirror. This mirror has moved with me many times.
It's one of those "skinny" mirrors. You know what I mean, right? It makes you look a little taller and slimmer then you really are.
Wouldn't trade it in for a regular mirror, no way!
It puts that extra skip in my step every day!

I am so excited to finally be starting this whole painting process, I hope to be doing a lot of this over the winter.


  1. looks great! can't wait to see it in person :) I like the old bottle... I wouldn't be able to wait to decorate it either!

  2. good job!...and i have to tell you that i LOVE my "skinny" mirror too!! so grateful to have one, seriously.

  3. It turned out great, love the cabinet painted! I so know what you mean about those skinny mirrors... ;)

  4. Love the grey! What color/brand is it? I'm wanting to find a pale grey for my bedroom, but everything I find seems to have blue or purple undertones!

  5. By the that you don't feel so bad, when I opened my first shop at The was all pink and brown : )

  6. Wow what a change! I love the light bright colors. The wall color is really pretty. I love it.

  7. looking good....I'm about to redo our main/girls bathroom too....I've got stenciled flowers going on that have served their time...haha...thx for the inspiration....maybe I'll get started soon....xo, M

  8. Love how your cabinet makeover looks...coming by from 2805!


  9. Love what you've done! The change of color makes the room look so much brighter - great job!!! ;)


  10. The newer, brighter color is really nice! It is a big change from the brown. Good job!

    Thank you so much to linking to Potpourri Friday. Your participation is appreciated!

  11. Love the changes! I love great transformations!

  12. Just found you! Love your sweet blog..isn't it amazing what a can of paint will favourite decorating tool. xoxo

  13. Silly me...I did not just find you...just realized I have visited you many times before...did you change your banner..something looks different over here. ...Anyways love your sweet blog my friend. xoxoooxox

  14. Wow, the paint sure brightened up your bathroom. Great job! I also love your fall mantle! Thanks for visiting Take Six, and Happy Fall!

  15. LOL I would buy your house because of what you did to the cabinet, and would have passed if left the way it was... great ideas!
    Thanks for stopping by, and I'll be following you!


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