Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Mantle 2011

Hello friends! I finally got around to decorating my mantle for fall.
I am so enjoying fall after our hot summer.
The crisp mornings followed by the warm afternoons have been amazing.

This cloche and "with love" tag from The Musing Magpie at The Barn in Castle Rock, Co.
Melanie is so sweet, she even had a birthday gift for me there (I just turned the big 4-0 in August!)
I love cloches, I put this one on a vintage plate from my mother.

I also love Whitewash from The Barn. Amy is the shop owner and hoping to start a blog soon, I will keep you updated!
I love the mirrored holders she always has, I have many! I'm not sure of what you call them, do you know?

I had to have some fall colors, and this pumpkin seems just right.

This Paris sign was also a gift for my birthday.

This potpourri smells amazing! So fall scented, I love it!

I finally found this bottle holder I have been looking for at TJ Maxx/Homegoods. So farmhouse to me.

Kila, age 8, took this photo. I saw her walking around the house with my camera. They are very careful with it and always wear the strap around their neck when they use it. Sometimes they come up with some fun photos but usually I have the chore of deleting a ton of them! I try and let their artsy side come out.

Finally! I found a vintage scale that had just the right color and chippyness for me!

Isn't it gorgeous?

My mantle is a strange shape and can be difficult for me to decorate it. I'm loving how it turned out. I've been enjoying seeing all of the other fall mantles out there in blog land.

I'm starting to want to bake with this season.

I'm thinking apple crisps

pumpkin cobbler

apple pies


Happy Fall!



  1. Shanon, I love all your new things and the vignettes you've created. I feel like baking too! Only being alone, I don't want to have to eat it all myself, so I will have to share :) Happy belated birthday, mine is also in August, the 14th. xo,

  2. Everything looks Beautiful !!! I love apple pie!! yummy !

  3. Hello,

    I like your blog. I soon will be back for more.

    Have a nice day,

  4. Wow, I adore your fall mantle! Oh and Happy Belated Birthday!!! I too celebrated my bday last August {my 35th}! ;) Anyway, thank you for sharing! ;)


  5. Thanks for stopping by today, Shanon; your home and your girls are just beautiful; lots of love to all today~ Andrea

  6. Your mantel is a real treat! Everything about it is beautiful. You create such wonderful vignettes!

  7. Happy Birthday! You do not look 4 ----0.

  8. Beautiful Shanon. Love the wire pieces, and the Paris print. Somtimes kids take the best photo's without even trying. It looks like pomegranates you have there too. Love them - the shape, colour and flavour. Have a wonderful day.


  9. I love your accent pieces. Beautiful home!


  10. I am smitten! Just beautiful. I almost bought those lovely tealight candlesticks and am now desperately regretting passing them by.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! I just decorated my mantel too, but used more tradtional things. What I really like about your mantel are all the fun, unexpected things that make one stop and look what you used. Great job!

  12. It was good seeing you last night and getting to know you a bit better. I am so thankful that Jackie mentioned your blog because it has definitely inspired me to spend some time redecorating :-) My style is Tuscan, so I was wondering whether The Barn have Tuscan style items too.

  13. Very pretty indeed!!! Just found your blog and love it!

  14. Happy Birthday!!!
    Love Love Love your mantel and the white chippy scale too
    Fabulous treasures

  15. Oh, I love that old white scale! That will be wonderful to use for decorating no matter what the season. Happy Belated Birthday :)

  16. Good morning...and sooo nice to meet you and your blog...not even sure how I got to here, but so glad I did...gorgeous post...going back to look around some more and follow along...I actually just did a post on a mirrored funny, I thought I was being original!!! on over and check it out....follow along if you'd like...I have lots of things planned....Happy Wednesday, M

  17. Is that a real live cat on the windowsill or merely a well-behaved sculpture?
    Do you know what my cats do to most of my decorative arrangements? [Sigh.]

  18. Your mantel is great! So much fun with the crusty elements! You know I've got a bunch of vintage wire cloches somewhere around old stock--they still have the original price tags from the 1930s-1940s on them...hmmm. I must re-do something, as I found a few other things I want to incorporate into my fall decor. Time to re-juje the kitchen AGAIN!

  19. I love your chippy scale and the Paris print. Love your blog and now am a follower. Feel free to visit my blog when you get a chance.


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