Thursday, November 10, 2011

Candles, cupcakes and family

Hello friends!

I was busy this past weekend working on some crafting items.
I wanted to make some tea light holders with burlap and bling.
I came up with these.
I love how they look, all lined up on my little mirrored shelf.

I finally made some blingy candles to go in this candle chandy. Poor thing has sat empty for almost a year!

Some yummy raspberry filled cupcakes....

The family about to head out trick or treating.
Taela (10), me, Kila(8) and my sweet husband, Mike.

I love seeing all of the Christmas ideas out there, it's making me want to start decorating early!



  1. Tea holders are great with the burlap and bling...just what I love! You have a beautiful family!

  2. I love the candle holders, Shanon, and the family photo. Beautiful! xo

  3. Hi Shanon!

    What a delightful post!!! :) Your burlap tea holders + bling are amazing! Those cupcakes look sooo yummy, the chandy is awesome, and that family pic of the 4 of you is absolutely beautiful!!! :) Thank you for sharing - you have inspired me to craft & bake too!!! :)


  4. Love that candleholders. Looks so beautiful on that shelf.

    Have a nice weekend

    Hugs from here

  5. Very cute! I especially like the ones in the candle-ier : )

  6. I love your burlap with bling projects. Great family photo. You guys are too cute.

  7. Cute candles! I love them!
    The chandelier is gorgeous, too.
    Darling family photo.

  8. Hello my sugar sweet friend your family is soooo cute! I just love that chandy and the candles you added are perfect!!!! Love love!

  9. Love the way you dressed up your candles, and those cupcakes look sooo delicious.
    You have a lovely family... love those costumes!
    ~ Jo

  10. Ohhhhh! Love the shelf and the chandy, but you probably know I love all things white and chippy. Looks like you've getting things pulled together. You're like me about candles. My candleholders sit empty forever. Unless I buy the candles with the holders, they sit empty for months until I remember to buy some.


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