Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas in the front room....

I've decorated for Christmas! I know, it's very early but I was just


I thought I would share some of the front room photos with you.

I love this room, it is my own. The TV sits in the living room so my husband does not go in this room very much.
He is all about watching TV at night.
I've turned into my mom saying, "turn it down!"
I love to sip coffee in the morning in this room.
I love to look through my magazines and read books here.
I love to chat with friends and family here.
It's MY room for sure.

I started with my mantle.
I love these sparkly mercury glass vases and candle holders.

Love this little birdy.
(I am crazy bird lady in case you didn't know!)

I love this holiday ornament.

I placed my feather tree on my vintage Paris luggage.

This ornament is my absolute favorite.
I love his little face.

More birds ;)

I put lights in this ficus this year, too.
I do not care for this plant. It was a gift to my husband when his mom passed away several years ago, so here it stays.
The santa was a gift from her 11 years ago, I do like him.
The Paris runner ( it is folded in half) is from Ticking and Toile you can find her blog and her etsy shop under this name.
(Sorry, I tried to include the link and my computer is acting funny and wouldn't let me.)
I love this runner!

An overview of the room from the stairway....

I love having a skinny tree so it doesn't take up a lot of room.
I'm thinking about getting a white one instead of this green one.
What do you think?

My favorite reading corner!

I moved my candle chandy to here, I like it a lot better here instead of the front entry way.
People were banging their heads on it!

One of my first shabby chic purchases for Christmas decorations 10 years ago, and I still love it.

The rest of the house will be coming soon, I had too many photos to share!

Happy Holidays!



  1. Your room looks so sweet and cozy and warm! The ficus is beautiful! I wish I could get one to grow so well inside. And I love the feather tree! Everything is so pretty!!

  2. What a nice, cozy room, Shanon. How lucky you are to have a place to call your own :)

  3. Shanon, what a pretty girly girl room! I think a white tree would be perfect in this room. xo

  4. Such a beautifully feminine room! I can see why you enjoy spending quiet time in there.

  5. Oh I absolutely LOVE the Shabby Chic & cozy atmosphere that you have created for yourself! I need to have a space like this for myself too, especially since it's 3 against 1 in the gender department here - with me and my rambunctious boys {notice that I counted the hubby as one of those}! lol I love it all!


  6. Shanon, it's beautiful and cosy and sparkly, makes me want to pull out my decorations, I've got a little bit going on but it doesn't look like christmas yet! We had our first snow yesterday so it is time! I adore your vintage snowman, and is that my pillow I spy on your sofa?? It looks fab there:-)

  7. Shanon, I am madly in love with your home!
    Have a pretty day!


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