Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shabby Green Bistro Chair and Etsy Shop

Hello friends!
It's a brisk day here in Colorado and so I haven't ventured outside yet.
I see the people walking by with their dogs, they are all bundled up! (The people, not the dogs!)
I love my shabby green bistro chair, I am always on the look out for more.

Old books wrapped in vintage laces.

A little bit of sparkle, of course!

A chicken wire cloche, I can't get enough of the cloches!

My newly painted walls! Yay! Still have a lot more painting to do but I have at least started.

My sister took photos and made Valentine cards.

These are just a few.....

I have been telling her to start an Etsy Shop, she is so talented.
She finally did and she wanted me to do it with her.
So I did....
You can find these cards and other lovelies here.



  1. What pretty your chair and the wire cloche. I will be sure to check out your new Etsy shop!

    All the best,

  2. Your vignette is lovely, Shannon! I checked out your sister's etsy shop and she really is talented--like you!

  3. You always put together the prettiest vignettes, but I especially love this one. Green is my favorite color besides pink. I really like how the pearl beads pull this look together. Good luck on your etsy shop!

  4. Shanon, congratulations on your Etsy shop. I checked it out and saw a couple of items that I love. Best of luck to you and your sister. I also like the wire cloches. I haven't seen any in stores by me. xo

  5. I've always wanted one of those gorgeous bistro chairs! Love the way you decorated with it and congratulations on you and your sister's etsy shop, how exciting! Off to check it out :)

  6. Hi Shanon,

    Oh, I love your newly painted walls, bistro chair and all the wonderful lovelies on here! Vintage books with lace are one of my faves!!! :) Congrats on the etsy shop - just took a visit, you gals are just sooo talented!!! The items are all sooo pretty!!! Have a nice Sunday!


  7. That's a beautiful vignette. I love the color on the bistro chair. I'll have to go check out your Etsy.

  8. That chair is perfectly fabulous!!!! I would love to have that little beauty in my home. Great find!!! The whole little vignette on the chair is great.

  9. that is one great the color! congrats on the Etsy shop too!!

  10. Oh my, I love that chair! What a pretty vignette you've put together. Congratulations on the etsy shop...your sister's cards are beautiful :)

  11. So pretty Shannon!! I'm so excited for you - I hope it is fun and rewarding for you and your sis. Nice projects recently. :)

  12. Your bistro chair is really cute I love the color of it.

  13. Congrats on your etsy shop! The cards are adorable!
    I love that chair of yours, and all the pretties on it. Just beautiful!

  14. Hi Shannon~~ Just discovered your blog. LOve it and I am your newest follower. Off to check out your shop.
    Have a great night and I look forward to following you.
    Fresh Vanilla For C

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  18. IDK what is up with blogger! it wouldn't post my comment then put it on three times. Wouldn't let me delete them! Sorry!

  19. Congratulations!

    I just went over and checked out your ETSY shop! Love it! You are so talented!

  20. love this sweet chair and all the goodness on it! off to check out the shop!

  21. Love your blog thanks for finding me.....I am following on my way out


  22. Your green bistro chair is absolutely delicious!! Love the vignette you created with it.
    Mary Alice

    1. LOVE THAT chair!!!

      I wanted to let you know I just signed up to follow you and would really appreciate it if you would come over and follow my new LINKY FOLLOWER tool.


      XO XO,

  23. Oh my goodness I love that green chair! Congratulations on your etsy the shop I will have to stop by and take a look at it big hugs olivia

  24. Hi Shanon,
    I am in love with that bistro chair, the color is fabulous!!!
    Your home is just lovely!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  25. I really love that bistro chair! I'm so happy to "meet" you and to welcome you as my newest blog follower!

  26. I love the old with a little sparkle...just beautiful. I'm glad I found your blog. I'm now following you with the new awesome Linky tool, so follow back so we can connect, Lori

  27. LOve that minty green bistro chair!!!!!
    Yes your sister needs an Etsy shop!!!
    Have a lovely day!!!!

  28. Sorry re-read & she did start an Etsy! Going right now to see!!!

  29. what a lovely blog you have

    i adore that vignette
    and especially the wire cloche

    now following you via LF and GFC
    (i like to be thorough..:)

    and hope you will return the favor


  30. Your little green chair is adorable, and the cloche to cute!
    Congratulations on your etsy shop! Your sister's cards are lovely, she's so talented!

  31. Very pretty all this - love the shabby look! Am your new follower - happy sunday!

  32. wow your bistro chair is a wonderful colour!
    Your bathroom redo is amazing and your wings on your fireplace ...stunning!
    Your sister is a talented photographer...I am off to see your etsy shop!


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