Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring has sprung....

Hello friends!

The grass is getting so lush and green.

I purchased these beautiful roses from the local market today.
It was so nice outside, I laid them in my chippy cart to photograph.

Chippy, shabby and white with pale pink favorite!

I also tried them out on my shabby green bistro chair.
It reminds my of Courtney from French Country Cottage, she often lays flowers on chairs and they always look amazing. So thank you, Courtney for your inspiring photos!

Prairie Fire Crab Apple, just beginning to open her buds.

Creeping Phlox.

Sorry so blurry but I just had to share with you the beautiful blue of the Robin's eggs.
I was trying to hurry before mama came back.

Cooper's hawk, looking to eat one of my songbirds. He does manage sometimes, so is the circle of life.
I don't enjoy seeing it though!
My 9 year old shot this photo.

My favorite, the American Goldfinch.
It's yellow is so bright, so spring-y!

I bought this chippy, shabby and white cherub for the garden. I have moved her three times now, not sure where she will end up.

I also bought a few planters, here are two of them. Shabby white with pretty detail. I put this dwarf spruce in one of them for a little bit of greenery on my potting bench.
The vintage scoop is from Tracie at Fishtail Cottage.
I use it to fill my bird feeders, I love how it has the numbers on it.

I hope you enjoyed my garden tour, I have been so busy getting my gardens ready for spring.

In one month all of the annuals can go outside, I am so excited!
Hello spring! It has been beautiful here in Colorado, I'm chomping at the bit to get it all going!

Have a wonderful week, my friends.


PS. Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my home tour from Stacey at A Sort of Fairytale blog. If you missed it you can see the tour here.  I read all of your comments and they made my day!


  1. Your yard is beautiful, I love all your "chippy" pieces, they lend so much to the beauty. xo

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  3. I just sent my girlfriend a link to A Sort Of friend is mixing it up in her home right and I thought your home was a great inspiration for her!
    Your 9 year old is a great & patient photographer! Love your finches...we are waiting for them to show up here!
    Your beautiful pink roses are stunning in the cart & that sweet green chair!
    So funny I did a post today on flowers...but of the FAKE variety...seems we need to feel the arrival of spring however we can!

  4. Hi Shanon,

    Gorgeous shots- wow- but you know I am *especially* fond of that goldfinch!!!

    Our fav, and reason why we named our home that!

    Please come by for a visit to my blog to see, if and when you get the chance.

    That photo is REALLLLLLLLY nice!

  5. Ooooo, I love the way you have your roses displayed. Your garden is beautiful.

  6. Hi Shanon!!!

    Oh my goodness - love everything about your garden!!! Can't wait until my garden looks even half as gorgeous as yours! Our fixer upper progress is in the inside AND in the outside too! lol We're working on it though (slowly, but surely)! :) Enjoy the beauty of spring!!!


  7. Such beautiful photos! I love all the flowers and birds. Thank you for sharing your pictures of Spring. :)

    Blessings - Julie

  8. I love those pictures of the flowers--that cart is amazing! I too always want to take that sort of picture because of Courtney:) That photo of the bird your son took is awesome! Enjoy spring and TFS!

  9. What a beautiful combination - gorgeous roses and a fantastic cart. love it! How did you get that bird to pose so nicely?

  10. Wow! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! So many beautiful glimpses of spring and your photography is outstanding! I feel a little lighter just looking at them today.

  11. so much to love here--roses, bistro chair, water can, and that cute scoop!

  12. What a pretty post this is. All the flowers and birds...just beautiful.
    You need to be sure to link up with A Haven for Vee for her monthly Note Card party...your photos are so pretty.
    Thanks so much for coming by with a sweet comment.:)
    Let me see if I am a follower...if not, I will be soon. :)

  13. What a lovely post! So many beatuiful pictures! I hope you are having a wonderful day! Visiting from CHS

  14. YOur garden is so....pretty:)) I love seeing all the different flowers that grow in all the regions. Your bunch of roses look so pretty in all the different vignettes.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

    We had LOTS of sun this cloudy and rainy:((


  15. Gorgeous photos, those roses are stunning!
    Victoria xx

  16. Your rose are beautiful how you photographed them. Your little cherub is so pretty and I'm sure looks lovely anywhere you put her.

    Nice visiting with you today.

  17. such pretty roses in that chippy iron cart! seems you have the same birdies as i do in your back yard...except the coopers hawk wanted to eat my chickens! where are you at again, my crabapple just started blooming yesterday!
    xoxo, tracie

  18. Wow, Shanon, I LOVE that chippy old cart and bistro chairs! They look so romantic with the roses on them. Your garden is looking glorious, and it's fun to hear the excitement in your post about getting the garden going. Happy spring!

  19. First of all, thanks for joining my party. I'm very sorry it's taken so long to reply, but this has been an extremely crazy week for me. I love seeing all the birds, and the roses in the chair are just divine! Looks like you are well on your way of having a beautiful garden this spring. Like you, I can't wait until it's warm enough to begin planting.

  20. Hola Shanon, sooooo happy to find another beautiful and inspiring blog!!!!
    cariños from Chile

  21. Such beauty to behold over here!

  22. Oh how I wish I was a gardener....its just never been my thing which is odd cause I so admire other peoples!??? Lovely post! x0

  23. Popped in from Courtney's blog. What beautiful flowers and yard you have. Great pictures.


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