Sunday, May 6, 2012

Patio sofa

Hello friends!
I went to The Paris Street Market yesterday in Littleton, Colorado.
I was hoping to find a shabby sofa for my patio.
I found one!

The patio is starting to come together.
I still need to do my birdhouse planter and buy a few more pots but I am on my way to enjoying summer.

Super moon.
It was beautiful. It was 15,000+ miles closer to earth than usual so it seemed extremely big.

We have a high tomorrow of 49 degrees!
Yesterday it was 84!
I hope I don't have to drag all of these pots inside!

Have a great week!


  1. Cute outdoor sofa! That is quite a change in temperature, I've been dragging outdoor cushions, plants etc. in every other week. I wish the weather would just make up it's mind too!

  2. That is a really nice sofa, and it works with all your other outdoor pieces so well. Nice shot of the moon. Didn't get to see it as we were too cloudy and foggy :( xo

  3. Headed your way the end of this month. Is there anything exciting happening like this market.
    Love the outdoor sofa. Looks so comfy.
    The moon here looked just like bright and clear. I loved it.
    Our weather is all over the board.. Today it was beautiful and not as humid. We had days n the 90s this week.....and so humid.

  4. Gorgeous patio, I have the smallest back yard in the world so I'm very jealous teehee.

    B xxx

  5. your bench looks so cozy! love it! oxox

  6. What a pretty sofa, and it looks like it goes nicely with your chairs too. I'm sure once the weather settles down, you'll have a stunning patio area. My Mom finally caved and bought a few flowers for pots, and like you she is having to pull them on the porch or cover them. Annoying now, it it will be worth seeing all the pretty colors soon. Have a wonderful week!

  7. Don't you love it when that happens...
    Happy for you...
    Blessings Lori

  8. Looks great! I was out with my camera last night trying to catch the super moon as well! I haven't looked to see if any of them turned out. Wish I could have made the market, but I have spent a good amount this month on sprucing and replacing and a little antiquing (you know how that goes). Maybe next time...


  9. Love to see your furniture. Nice design.

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  10. Oh my goodness--I thought our weather was crazy! Our sofa is lovely--what a great place to sit and relax.

  11. your patio looks so great--love the sofa! glazing at that moon was awesome, huh?:)

  12. Hi Shanon,

    You know how much I always enjoy dropping by your page to look at your garden - pots and all! :) That patio sofa is perfect for your space!!! I am going to be messaging you some questions on something! :) Hope you are enjoying your day!


  13. Great find! Looks perfect! Love our moon pics! :]

  14. Ohhh, I love the beautiful setting you have created! Magazine worthy my dear!

  15. You have a beautiful patio! Love your your vintage furniture and iron pieces.
    Mary Alice

  16. Simply adore the new sofa for the patio. Looks so welcoming with all the beautiful pots full of lucious flowers. First time to your blog, enjoying everything I see.

  17. Hello! You have a beautiful patio! And this! I love this Blog!

  18. Replies
    1. The patio sofa shown here is excellent. Have a look at it

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  19. Super moon, indeed! Anyway, you have got to love everything about your patio chair. You may call it shabby, but I think it’s very classy with its throw pillows and cover. It just needs repainting, I believe, because there are spots that are starting to rust.

    Gerry Bossier

  20. Your sofa is so lovely! It complements the relaxing atmosphere of your patio! It may be rusty and the paint’s a little worn out, but they only added a good effect to the ambience. It look so nice! Even the super moon really looked wonderful!

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