Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flowers in the garden....

Hello Friends!
It's spring time in the Rockies and I thought I would share some more photos with you.
Flowers are the main thing that have been on my mind lately.

Prairie Fire Crab Apple

Bachelors Button




Another crab apple, I'm not sure the name of this one.

Viburnum (Verbenia?) Not sure again.


This area off the patio had decorative grass that wasn't doing well and a Fire bush that also wasn't doing well. I removed both.  My favorite rose does great here, I'm not sure of the name but it has creamy white pinkish flowers and is very fragrant.

A delphinium that has been transplanted here also does well. I added three white Peonies and three English Lavender plants. I can't wait to see how they do.


One of my two Snowball trees.
It should be fully flowered in a few weeks, I will share it again then.

Flowering Hawthorn .
Look closely, do you see mama Robin with her beak in the air?
She is sitting on 4 eggs that I expect to hatch over the weekend.

I hope you enjoyed my tour!


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  1. I'm amazed that your area of CO is so much more plant/garden friendly than WY.
    Your mystery shrub may be a viburnum--there are many varities--the one here is very sweetly scented.

  2. Hi...thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
    I'm loving your garden as well! I wish I could grow Allium in my garden! So now we are even...Pride of Madera grows best along beach areas...I'm a little inland from the beach but just enough to grow it! So nice to visit with you...I'm heading over to follow I don't miss another post!! xok

  3. Amazing!!! I absolutely LOVE your garden!!! Thanks for sharing all the beauty!!!


  4. Your gardens are so amazing! I am interested to know if you have trouble with the bachelors button? I call it Knapp weed but mine looks the same as yours. Mine is taking over my yard--growing in the middle of rose bushes and everything. I dig up several plants a day. I am at a loss for what to do. Was wondering if you have found a way to contain it? Your snowball tree is HUGE--I love it! So cool that you have baby birds! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful gardens:)

  5. Beautiful well kept gardens! It must be a real treat to go outside and enjoy the sights and fragrances. Gardens take lots of work and yours certainly reflect the love and work and time you have put into caring for them!

  6. Gotta love the vibrant colors of fresh flowers...
    Love your outdoor space...
    Have a "blessed" weekend... Lori

  7. So lucky to have a birdie nest to watch! love that.....i'm amazed at how much we have in common when it comes to the plants in our gardens...everything looks so happy where you are....Thanks for linking up to the garden party and sharing it with your friends! xoox, tracie

  8. Beautiful garden, love having a yard full of blooms. How cute to have baby birds waiting to hatch!!

  9. Your garden is a real treat on my rainy Idaho day. Gorgeous!


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