Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer days....

Hello friends!

I've changed my mantle again and thought I would share it with you.
I found this grain sack that I wanted to showcase and added some things from around my home.

I also found two ceiling tiles, this one is the perfect color. The other one is green and I love it, too. Right now it is residing on the back of my couch to keep the cats off!

I finally found a spritzer bottle. I love it next to these roses from my garden.

My girls, Taela and Kila at the beach. We love to go to the beach every year, we had a great time.

Hummingbird in my yard. I'm not sure what kind it is, I have my guesses, do you think it's a juvenile Broad-tailed Hummingbird?
I have fed them all summer and this is the only one I have seen.

Our weather had been in the 100's which is very unusual for us. This poor squirrel couldn't take the heat any longer and tried to cool off in the shade on the patio.

Summer is going quickly! So much more to still do.
The gardening seems to take up most of my time and I miss getting to see all of your posts and what you all have been up to!
Have a great week!



  1. LOVE all of your pretties especially that fabulous grain sack. Just a little jealousy here... ;-)


  2. Your girls are soooooooooo pretty...and so is your grain sack!!! x0

  3. What a cute post--I love those angel wings..are those the ones Amy sells at Maison Decor? Your girls are so pretty. That hummingbird photo is awesome--I would frame that if I was you...and the squirrel makes me laugh. How adorable.

  4. Love your decorating style! And, you 2 girls are just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your girls are so BEAUTIFUL !!! love there names !!! The mantel looks Awesome...... Take care Tausha

  6. Are you kidding me???? I cannot believe that squirrel. Is that for real? So funny!!!

    Your mantel looks beautiful and I love the grain sack.

    What pretty girls you have.

    God bless, Amy

  7. Okay, first I have to say I am shocked! I was surprised you had kids this old, as you look so young yourself. Time has been very good to you!

    I always enjoy seeing your shabby chic looks, especially in the main area of your house like your beautiful mantel. Your collection of white things is so pretty. This is my style, but not my family's so I get to enjoy this look in just a few rooms of my home.

    Regarding your cat and the sofa, if you ever want to move the tile, just add a throw rug on the sofa instead. Don't ask me why this works, but I don't know. Someone once told me they put throws on all their den furniture because their cat wouldn't scratch or jump on it anymore. This sounds too easy, but back when I had a cat, I was desperate and tried it. Sure enough my cat steered clear of that sofa too. That might work for you if you want to move the tile eventually.

  8. Beautiful vignette, Shannon. Looks like the girls had a great time at the beach. Oh yes, I think I was in the same position as that squirrel after being out in the heat. lol I can relate. Stay cool.

  9. All looks so pretty! Beatiful girls looks like fun times!
    I cannot get over that squirrel! That is so funny!
    Summer is flying by! Definetly need to enjoy!

  10. Love your mantle and all your decorating! So pretty! That squirrel just cracked me up. It's been very hot here, too, and I know how he feels!

    Blessings - Julie

  11. Oh, I just LOVE that grain sack Shanon! Your vignettes look perfect with the new tile and spritzer bottle. Fab finds!
    Your girls are so adorable, and how funny is that flattened squirrel.
    Stay cool...

  12. love everything about your mantel, shanon! the girls are darling, and that squirrel is cracking me up!

  13. Love the photos, did you make the angel wings? Your girls are gorgeous.

    Giggling away at the squirrel! We dont get them in Australia

  14. Hi Shanon,
    Your mantle looks just fabulous!! I adore that grain sack!
    And your girl's are simply gorgeous!
    How cute is that photo of the little squirrel?!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  15. Hi Shanon,

    I adore your mantle and beautiful home!!! Your girls are so beautiful and I really love that pic of the squirrel - it is so cute and made me laugh today! lol Have a wonderful day!


  16. Your house is so cute! I love the pic of the squirrel cracked me up! Thanks for the kind words on my fleur d lis table. I used a satin paint from benjamin moore and I don't know the color because I get most of my paint from the paint recycling center so it's free :)

  17. I am excited that I have found your blog I also laughed when I saw the squirrel you must of crept away to grab your camera. Tracy x

  18. Oh honey, i just adore it all! I adore those giant angel wings! ohhh la la! We went to the pool today and im loving my tan. lol. Your home looks beautiful! Yes, our husbands love our shabby, mine is spoiled and doesn't seem to notice much unless he falls over a piece of fluffy! xoxo

  19. You have some lovely pieces in your home and the girls are their names too:-)

  20. What a lovely blog you have and your mantle decorations are beautiful!

  21. Oh my. That squirrel? Killing me. It just doesn't even seem like he is real. I love your mantle! I miss having a decent sized one to decorate. Yours is beautiful!

  22. Hi,

    Everything is beautiful, I am now following you.

    Pearl 13.1

  23. I love the ceiling tiles! I really want a home with vintage ceiling tiles installed in the bathrooms.
    The squirrel is too cute, that photo brought a smile to my face!
    Have a fabulous weekend,

  24. I just found you, and I LOVE your style!! The picture of the squirrel is the best! (I've never seen one lay like that!) I'm your newest follower-hope you visit me and say hello :)

  25. Oh, there's so many things I love about this post...that grainsack, seeing those two pretty, smiling girls enjoying the beach and that squirrel! Gosh, that's cute :)

  26. Shanon ~
    So nice to have you visit me!!!
    I love those giant wings!!! I would love to have a pair that large.
    And..... those ceiling tiles! Gorgeous!
    Will visit again soon.

  27. I am SO glad you came by and left your sweet notes so I could find your amazing blog Shanon! I love your garden and your mantle and gosh are your girls darling!!! I can't wait to get to know you better : )
    hugs from here...
    that little squirrel on your terrace cooling off on the rock made me smile.

  28. I came over from A Rosy Note and have to thank you for the chuckle and smile your squirrel picture gave me! That shot is priceless.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  29. I'm loving everything on your mantel. Great vignette you've created:-)

    Seems like Summer just started here and it's already into August. I just love the heat so I'm tryingto soak it up while I can:-)


  30. I would love it if you would join me in linking up at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:

    I hope you can make it!
    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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