Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I've been up to lately......

Hello friends!

Summer is starting to wind down.
It has been a hot one for sure.
My roses don't seem to mind the heat, they have been doing wonderfully with the 90's to 100's.

This lone poppy was from back in June. I don't think I shared it then.
I got up the nerve and asked a complete stranger if I could have a spent ruffled poppy head. I had to stalk her home for weeks before she was finally home.
She was so sweet and told me to come back once they were done flowering and she would dig up some plants for me!
I did just that. I planted them and I am happy to report that all 12 plants are growing!
I will be sharing them with you next year for sure.
Wait until you see it! It has a bunch of ruffled petals on each head and I am so excited.

I am also lucky to have my first Praying Mantis this year. She is living in the geraniums by the front door. Every time I water she comes tearing out of the undergrowth and onto the drier top leaves. I've read we have these in Colorado when we have a very hot summer and we sure have had just that! This is a European Praying Mantis because she has the black dots on her inner arms. Difficult to see in these photos. She turned to stare right at me as I shot this.

My birdhouse planter has really grown. You can see how it started here.

My metal tub planter is outgrowing its container. The hummingbirds really love this planter and are here every morning fighting over the flowers. You can see how this planter started here.

Inside, I have changed this corner. I forgot to take a before photo, sorry!
I found this old crate at the flea market for $5 and decided to make this vignette around it.

I also found this chippy and shabby ammo container
 at the flea market. It is very heavy, I have it in front of our 
old security system, an unsightly box on the wall.

And lastly, it may not be pretty and I may have wanted to fling this pie crust across the kitchen when it wouldn't stay together but this blueberry pie came out yummy. :)
I am ready for fall and apple crisp now, much easier to make.

I love your sweet comments! They mean so much that you would take the time.

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Shanon,

    Wow, I have always admired your garden and gardening abilities...but wow!!! All of this is so pretty!!! Hopefully my garden will look even half as nice next summer!!! lol Your containers and blooms are just perfect! Wishing you a lovely rest of the week!


  2. we love praying mantis! We've been looking for them recently- we always seem to find them at the end of summer. Great photos!

  3. Hi Shanon,
    It was so great to see that you posted!! I absolutely love your garden and yard, it is so beautiful!
    When I lived in Northern California, we use to have ton's of Praying Mantis living in our garden, the boy's just loved them.
    Lovely photos!!~
    Hope you have a great night.

  4. Love the photo you caught of the praying mantis they are so cool! Your garden area is so darn cute! Love all your pots filled with pretty flowers and your cute sitting areas! Great flea market finds too!
    and that pie looks delish! :]

  5. What a lovely garden and the poppy is spectacular! We always have praying mantises in summer...so regal.

  6. love the poppy story--gardeners are always such nice people:) sweet praying mantis pic, too! your garden looks WAY better than mine, shanon! your kitchen corner looks lovely--great fleas finds!

  7. your garden still looks amazing! love how much the flowers you planted in the pots grew and I bet seeing the hummingbirds daily is so fun, they love those purple flowers. It's been unbearably hot this past week, 105's here figures since school starts in a week. I'm really looking forward to cooler weather soon :)

  8. Your yard and flowers are gorgeous! I love that pink poppy! What a great idea with the crate! I might be stealing that! Your pie looks divine! I struggle with pie crusts too! Traci

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  10. I have told you before but you have the prettiest backyard ever! The fence and patio and all your flowers... WOW! I want to live there.

  11. Hi Shanon,
    I just found you over at Tracie's Fishtail Cottage and I must say, you have a lovely blog.
    I'm going to follow you as I cant wait to see more. As soon as I get free time, I will be looking back at your older post's..Have a great weekend..

  12. Your flowers all look great! I love the shot of the praying mantis! Thats my favorite color of poppies!

  13. Great post. That praying mantis photo is so awesome--what a shot!

  14. Oh, that pie looks so yummy & that ammo box is so cool!!! thanks for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party! Always love coming over to see your beauty that surrounds your home. that patio is to die for. xoxo, tracie

  15. Oh my goodness, I would be so excited about the poppies too! I love those! I tried to grow them once and it didn't really work out...I should try again though since they're so pretty. That pie looks so delicious...apple crisp sounds so yummy too :)

  16. Your yard is gorgeous! I love that you got some pass along poppies. I found out recently that several of the plants in my yard were pass alongs planted before I got here, from Village neighbors.

  17. Those comments about your pie crust are a riot :))

  18. I adore those pink poppies and that praying mantis is so sweet! What a character!


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