Monday, May 12, 2014

May in the garden….

Hello friends!
 It is May in the gardens but you won't believe what mine looks like at the end of this post.

May 10th, my lilacs are about to be in full bloom…..

My Angelique tulips are doing splendidly. 

This Red Crossbill was at our land up in the Colorado mountains. I haven't ever seen one of these before so it was fun to have him.

I found a fountain that was just the color for me. The birds came immediately to it so I was happy.

My Snowfountain weeping cherry did well this year. This was in Arpil.

 May 10th, my Prairiefire crabapple is about to be in full bloom.

New bird bath with a built in planter all planted and ready to grow.

May 11th (yes, Mother's Day!!) we had a big snow storm with freezing temps. My plants are not doing well and we have two more days of freezing temps.

I was very happy to have this Bullock's Oriole.

Not too happy to have this Cooper's Hawk. He was actually here with the last snow storm.

My poor frozen fountain and peonies.
Their beautiful heads are touching the ground.
I can only hope and pray they will come back after the freeze is done.

Happy gardening! I hope I will have beautiful flowers to show off soon!


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  1. I love your fountain! So pretty! You must get a lot of enjoyment out of your garden, it's lovely, and I am sure everything will perk up once they get a chance to feel the sun again, :) I love the WiNtEr!

  2. such a gorgeous color on your new fountain, shanon:) hope your flowers survive the snow! stay warm!

  3. Your fountain is gorgeous but I am SO sorry you had that freeze. I am hoping your peonies pop back but you may have to wait another year for them. Hopefully, SNOW is behind you now- xo Diana

  4. okay lady, you've got to join in the garden party over here at Fishtail Cottage!!!!!! everything is looking so pretty! xoox

  5. I could never, ever tire of seeing pictures of your house and garden!

  6. Lovely photos and beautiful garden. The birdie is my favorite.


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