Monday, July 14, 2014

David Austin Roses and Flowers in the Garden in July

Hello friends,
summer is in full swing around here.

I'm loving every minute of it. 

My David Austin Roses are in full bloom as is my lavender.
Two of my favorites.

This is a mix of Abraham Darby and Crocus Rose.
Truly, I'm not sure if that is what these two are because when I planted them ten years ago I did not pay attention to the names. This is my best guess, though.

My new-to-me vintage zinc pots from the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture store in Santa Monica.

The peony poppies are also doing splendidly.
Lovely mixes of color for my front porch.

We have had little rain the last few weeks and then we had at least four hours of down pouring rain. So needed. I went out the next morning to see how my plants survived and they did just fine. I cut bunches and brought them inside.

My kitchen smells amazing.

They don't last but a day or two but I thoroughly enjoy them while they do.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer (or winter depending on where you are!!)

Until next time…..



  1. such gorgeous pics, shanon:) i've never seen peonie poppies before--too cute!

  2. Man. Those are gorgeous!! They are kind of peony like! I must get over my fear of roses, or more to the point, my fear of beetles and rose problems!

  3. GORGEOUS! gorgeous-gorgeous. I LOVED every beautiful photo of your roses Shannon!!!

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  5. Pure heaven. I LOVE your David Austen roses, and hope to add a couple to my little garden next year. I too just purchased some zinc pots! Love the patina.
    Enjoy your beautiful summer, Shannon!
    ~ Lin

  6. absolutely gorgeous Shanon!!! I can only imagine the smell of your kitchen right now :)

  7. I love David Austin roses--beautiful photos!

  8. Oh my, your roses are GORGEOUS Shanon! I adore them in your new zinc pots, too. I'll be pinning your those roses, and am so jealous of your green thumb!

  9. Oh Shanon your roses are beautiful. Love the zinc pots you have them in too. Just lovely. Your garden is gorgeous.


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