Sunday, May 8, 2011

New patio chairs

I went to The Paris Street Market in Littleton, CO yesterday.
I was looking for some new chairs for the back patio and I knew what I wanted and hoped I would find some there.
I did of course!

Kila was enjoying the lovely weather we are finally having.

What she really wanted to know was could she have the lemon blueberry bagel.
We shared it with some tea, it was yummy!

I also found these roses at a nursery yesterday. They smell amazing and the blooms are at least 5 inches wide.

I put them along the patio and the next morning they were eaten by deer :(

I had a lovely Mother's day with my family. A trip to the zoo and then a bbq at my sisters.
Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there!



  1. Your patio area looks lovely. I'm really liking the chairs you picked up too. Glad you're enjoying the great weather.


  2. Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day! It was so gorgeous out. I'd love to hit the Paris Street market, someday. Maybe together :) Your chairs and daughter are darling! Looks like a perfect place to hang out.
    Have a great week, Shanon! xx

  3. i'm looking for exactly the same kind of patio chairs! i am afraid i will never find them...
    love yours...lucky girl!
    your daughter is so sweet!!

  4. Gorgeous! A great find. I always love vintage patio furniture. Vintage anything really!

  5. Your patio area is so very cute!!!! Looks like such a happy space:)

  6. Love the patio furniture! I'm so glad it's finally warming up to summer!


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