Sunday, June 19, 2011

New slip covers

I have been wanting a new couch, ours is 7 years old and brown and leather. NOT the shabby chic look I am now going for.
I have two cats and two girls and one husband.
Not a good choice to have a white couch with them around.
I didn't want to buy a slip covered couch that I had to unzip all the coverings and try to wedge them back on.
I didn't want another dark, leather couch.
I have been looking and looking for an alternative.
And then I saw Air Kiss, which is a gorgeous blog. I always love her photos.
She had these slip covers and I was sold!

Here are my before photos.
That's Mia watching the action.

My sweet husband's chair is in the worst condition. Usually I have a blanket over the back, I took it off for the photo so you could see....
THE HUGE HOLE where his head has actually worn through the leather.

The new slip covers are so easy to care for. Remove, launder and back on. No zipping and unzipping needed!
Perfect for me because I have a lot to do and I don't want to spend my time cleaning the slip covers.

Love this lamp from The Musing Magpie. She has a beautiful shop at The Barn in Castle Rock, CO.

What do you think? Much better then the brown couch.
Have a great Father's day weekend!


  1. i like it....funny thing~I just bought a lil leather love seat and chair to MIX in with my shabby chic decor. All white is not an option for me. I have pets and a Daycare...I added roses in with my leather and have mixed the pieces of furniture......Rachel Ashwell and Ralph Lauren are doing a lot with leather lately. Who knows...u might fall n love with it again. I think its great that u kept them!

  2. Amazing transformation! I love slip covers! Looks summery and carefree.

  3. Our leather pieces don't look as good in the Kentucky cottage as they did in the WY log house. I keep saddle blanket sort of throws on them because of the cats [who knew cats could scratch leather?] I like the idea of throws and slip covers but find I'm always twitching and straightening them. I like the look of a rather shabby quilt on a sofa or huge chair.
    Gina and I have found that an eclectic mix of styles can work well together and one can endlessly rearrange.

  4. I remember that lamp! LOL Your couch looks super cozy now! I've been wanting to do the same - ours is camel brown micro-suede haha! It totally clashes with everything else! Hope you're doing well! Let me know when you plan on going to the Barn - I'll go shop WITH you since I'm not working now LOL

  5. What a great idea. We have leather couches too. They were given to us about 4 years ago...and they're teal. Not a color I would choose, but the leather is so easy to care for, and these were nearly new, and so well made. Did you make yours from drop clothes too? Did you lighten them? They look great!! Also, I was clicking on the photos trying to get a better view of that picture you have hanging in the background. It looks intriguing, like it's hanging on a curtain rod.

  6. The slip covers make such a big difference! They look great & I just love that lamp it is gorgeous!!!


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