Tuesday, June 7, 2011


A few pictures from our vacation.....

Beautiful flowers in California.

My sister lives in Hollywood and my husband has been working in Beverly Hills.
We usually go to California every summer and I always take a picture of my girls in front of this tree.
It is Santa Monica Beach.

Fun times at the beach.

Wisteria Lane! For all of you Desperate Housewives fans. The yellow house is Susan Delfino's.

My beautiful sister, Casey. She just had her tonsils out! She was a real trooper.
She never complained.
We knew it hurt because it took her 30 minutes to eat two bites of well done noodles.

My sweet husband and I. Photo taken by our 8 year old.

I am glad to be home! I miss my husband and sister but it is so beautiful here in Colorado.
It smells heavenly with all of the flowers blooming.
Gardening photos coming soon!
Have a great week.



  1. when I saw your title I thought maybe it was your Hawaii trip! :) looks like lots of fun in the sun still.

  2. Oh Shanon, I'm so jealous of your beach trip. I LOVE the ocean. Thanks for popping over. Maybe I'll run into you in town one of these days. :-)


  3. Hello sweetie! Oh wow! California looks beautiful, thanks for the DH shot, I'm not a super huge fan but that is kinda cool. There is no place like home when it comes down to it. You and your husband are just adorable!


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