Friday, March 2, 2012

Forcing Forsythias

Hello Friends!
I have tried in years past to force forsythias to no avail.
THIS year, it worked!

My bush outside does not show any signs of opening anytime soon.
I am sooo ready for spring so I decided to try it again and they are at their peak right now.

I love their yellow yumminess, so spring to me.

I cut the stems and brought them inside.
I put them in warm water and cut the ends off while they were fully submerged.
I changed the warm water several times during the day and recut the ends under the water each time.
The next day, I changed the warm water again and cut the ends and added floral preserve.
It took about 1 1/2 weeks and then I had this!

It is snowing out again! We keep having dustings here and there, if it's going to snow I wish we would get dumped on! Otherwise, come on spring!!

Have a great weekend!


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Update for the google follower links!

Sweet Dore from Burlap Luxe shared this with me.

It was in questioning the "google" followers link being taken away as of March 1st.
They seem to be there still so I was wondering about it. She said this back:

Hi sweet friend,
This is not true, I have been in direct contact with google and anyone who is linked with blogspot google blogger will not lose there GFC google friends connect.
Googles own site is and as they told me in our conversation why would they do away with there own GFC and lose there own following :)

I wish this big rumor would clear up, spread the word.

Official Google Blog: January 2011

Go to link above it will explain that Google is not getting rid of Blogger Friends Connect, just other sites such as typepad and so on. Google said anyone who linked google with Blogger did it right, googles own site is a Blogspot blog site Google Friends Connect site. Linky will not support the friends connect as google does.


  1. That looks so beautiful! Your photography is exceptional. Thanks for sharing!

  2. hi there! just wanted to let you know that i am deleting the new linky follower tool from my side bar. Please make sure you are a follower of Fishtail Cottage using Google...(you can read about it here!)

  3. They look great!!! I hope to get real ones soon...Blessings Lori

  4. So pretty--I have a few pussywillows inside--although they are fluffing up faster on the tree in the yard!

  5. Your branches look gorgeous in all there bright yellowness! So springy for sure.

    We have have tornadoes and bad storms all over Tennessee today. No snow..just rain.

  6. Just beautiful Shanon!! I can't wait for everything to start blooming again.
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  7. I found you via my newest obsession - Pinterest! Oh I am so glad to hear about the rumor being false! It had everyone a bit nervous!

    I wish I had a forsythia bush. I had a beautiful almond bush that I would do this with when I lived in New Mexico but I don't think I have anything that I can force here in Colorado. Might just have to plant something this year for next years waiting for spring- It's snowing here right now-

    bee blessed

  8. Your forsythias are beautiful and I really love the white pitcher you have them in. Thanks for stopping by and following me on my journey. I love your blog and am following back. I just love making new friends. Hugs ~ Ruth

  9. Love forsythias! I live in the Pacific Northwest and we had snow-rain this morning. There is little I can do outside.. the ground is so muddy and cold. I had to chuckle with your comment re/ getting dumping on.. yes! Let's get it over with and move on to spring!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Just adore this! So lovely I just had to pin it! Happy day to you ;-)

  11. Wow! What a nice touch on a wintery morning!

  12. What beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing these tips. I've been meaning to try this again this year. I've tried in the past, and the blooms were pretty weak.
    You've made me want to give it a go again! Yours look so pretty. :)

  13. they are so pretty and your pictures are gorgeous too!!

  14. Hi Shanon,

    Oh your blooms are sooo lovely!!! I can tell you have a "green thumb!" Can you PLEASE send some of your magic over here!!! I am in dire need of a landscape makeover! lol And thanks for the heads up on the GFC this point, who knows what's true and what's not...I suppose we will have to just wait it out!!! :) Take care and have a splendid week!


  15. Ah~I'm wishing so hard for some flowers to appear here in Seattle-everything is so...BROWN! Ugh. I think you've got the right idea with those gorgeous yellow blooms♥ Let's hope Spring makes it way over here soon!

    ♥ S

  16. Those are so gorgeous! What a pretty pop of fresh yellow!
    I was wondering about the friends connect thing myself. I never did jump on that linky bandwagon. Glad to know it was rumor.
    Come check out my giveaway!

  17. I bought the plant last year and it just started to show some blooms. I'm going to try and bring them indoors, like you did.
    I love the color and the softness of the blooms for spring. Love your blog. New Follower.


  18. I guess I never thought of forcing these to bloom, your patience paid off, they are beautiful! we have had a mild winter, however just seems to drag as much as a bad winter!

  19. I love the forsythia in the ironstone pitcher. The photos were excellent and I am happy that your attempt to force the flowering finally happened.

  20. WOW!!!! That is so clever! I have never tried that before and I have a TOn of forsythia bushes out back.

    Perhaps I should try, yours looks amazing, well done!

  21. I love your photos and forsythia as well. I just cut some and put then in a white pitcher in my bathroom that I hope to share later this week:-)


  22. Oh I love those they sure brighten everything up when it is so ugly and grey! xoxo

  23. Thanks for the tips! It's Beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! I always appreciate your participation!

  24. So very pretty!! One of these days i'll force some blooms too!!!


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