Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Random thoughts and photos….

Hello friends!

I am dreaming of spring and having spring fever terribly!

I can't wait for my back patio to come alive again.

I still have months to go before it looks like this again…..

I have ordered 10 more David Austin Roses and can't wait to see these Abraham Darbys blooming again this summer.

My front flower bed is full of scattered seeds, peony poppies, clematis, snapdragons and more.

I have ordered some lavender colored peony poppies to add to my pink ones. I just love their fluffy heads!

A side bed off of my back patio, more David Austins.

I love to bring in the fresh roses and can't wait for spring to come!

I am still enjoying winter and we need more snow but for now, I'm dreaming of spring.



  1. such pretty garden pictures, shanon:) and the peony poppies are just too cute!

  2. Are you familiar with the catalog/website 'Select Seeds'? They have a wonderful assortment of seeds and plants, mostly vintage--their poppies are lovely--once you have a few they re-seed and even create some different colors.

  3. Hi Shanon, you have a wonderful garden... love your roses ♥ Alexandra

  4. Oh those beautiful pictures make me excited for spring!

  5. Girl! You have me really wanting to order some roses but I can't quite forget about the last time I had them and the fighting and destruction of the beetles. And the subsequent ripping out of all of the roses because I was so disgusted!

  6. Just adorable summer photos!! I love the garden roses!!
    Greetings from my Almond valley, if it helps for your spring fever!!

  7. Beautiful Spring in your gardens...soon. I did not know you had a blog! I have been blogging for 8 yrs how is it possible that I never came across yours?

  8. Your beautiful garden photos are making me so excited for the season to start. Your garden is amazing Shanon!
    sending hugs...

  9. Your garden is beutiful and so is your bog. Are you still blogging. This is the last post I've seen and it's already almost the end of June, 2015.

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  11. Beautiful flowers full of gardens. Reminds me of the place in the novel.
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